Monday, October 19, 2009

POH-Hop Grand Finale Giveaway for E-40 Tickets

We are looking for the most creative post featuring E-40 lyrics, and you can win a pair of tickets to the POH-Hop 11 Grand Finale Showcase. We are giving away (4) pairs of tickets to the show which will take place on October 23rd at The Roseland Theater. The 4 most creative comments featuring E-40 lyrics will win a pair of tickets, and the most creative comment will get to meet E-40 at the show and get VIP passes to the event.....Let the fun begin...

Make sure that you leave your email address for contact.



  1. Check out the kicks
    There mother approved
    Ima swagarella
    No need to be rude
    I don’t take a break while getting this money
    No interlude
    E-40 don’t bump mainstream
    He knock underground
    And ill be right next to em
    Handin out tha lost and found
    Tell me when to go
    I get dumb, I get dumb
    Gotta put me in retard 101
    Ima swagarella
    These otha fellas
    Suga coated and watered down
    I’m fully concentrated
    So what up now
    Pour a glass of me and get pulped up
    I am the vitamin C
    No joke, what!
    I don’t play when it comes down to mola
    I don’t take a day off like Ferris Buella
    Already big in the game
    No slimquick
    Gettin paid
    I make bisquick
    They all whine
    Cuz’ I got so much cheese
    Cheddar for tha summer
    Mozzarella for spring
    Brought it just to hear it ring, its callin me
    On ma fave five
    Next to da bank
    Da safe
    Benji and frank
    Yea, I put tha icing on tha cake
    Sprinkle me baby!


  3. I flipped a lexi,
    speed up and catch me/
    lexus of concord, reached and touched me /
    some of you hoe fake ass niggas like Roz, be messy /
    i know some beautiful black intelligent women, they're sexy /
    E-40's back and blackened /
    I dont be barkin, nor even high cappin /
    You better watch me, im comin smebbin /
    bet your persodian, 30-R-6 costodian /
    special shout to Casual Del the Souls and Opium /
    ABOUT THE TOWN, the Valley JOE ! /
    just like a democratic, im for the po /
    fuck the bumble, you bitch it aint no punk hoe /

  4. Let's let off some two or threes on the other side of t-uh-town
    Draw the attention on the other s-uh-side of town (other side of town)
    And wait for the po-po shift to change, ghetto shootin range
    Revenge on the r-uh-rebound, war games
    Droughts, ouch, lost clientele but I will prevail
    by sellin the broccoli dank instead of the crack cocaine
    try not to steal narcotics
    When these punk MC's and bitches be the reason why
    the smoke be comin up out the chop, with my nigga 'Pac

    -Dusted n' Disgusted

    RIP Pac!

  5. II know its one per customer, but I had to put this one down!

    Feet stickin through my shoes, skid marks in my drawers
    Garage sales and flea markets, we never shopped at malls
    No dental plan, no medikit - we poor like rain
    Colored folks think that castor oil cures everythang
    Pork chops and chicken, we like our food fried
    Hypertension, Prenavil pills and hydro-chlorizide
    Some of my family still living, some of my family died
    Health complications, natural causes and homicide
    Just tryin to survive, nothin to lose but plenty to gain
    Started hustlin, flea flickin and servin that candy cane
    Put all my cars in my lady name, as a true hustler should
    She had a 9 to 5, worked at Planned Parenthood
    While I was in the hood, up to no good
    with a hoodie over my head, tryin to outslick the feds
    Or should I say cops, at this point in time I only had rocks
    Went from a little a jelly jar up to a soup pot
    The fast quarter my negro, don't want the slow nickel
    I done seen yola the same color as peanut brittle
    I done seen hella people relapse
    I done seen my homey grandparents go back to crack
    How sick is dat? Beggin my loved ones to send some pictures
    Pray for me over the phone and read me some scriptures
    Oooh; it's gloomy out here, dark days ahead
    God got my back but the devil he want my head

    Im so happy to be here!

  6. My area code grows some of the best weed in the WORLD my ninja we aint no punk, they say we need to take a bath in tomato juice cause we always smell like skunk, sloppy drunk, 9 times out of 10, or everytime you see me, bending corners in my brand new dodge durango hemi.

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